GALLO Fideo Nº0

GALLO Fideo Nº0

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Durum wheat semolina pasta noodles no. 1 is a thin pasta noodle that is perfect for broths and soups, and even more delicious when used for fideúa Catalana. These are fast cooking, just 2 minutes for an ‘al dente’ doneness, or 4 minutes for softer texture.

  • Size: 450g
  • Region: Cataluña

Recommended Pairings

This fideo is the perfect option to create an authentic fideau. Whether you are making a seafood or meat based fideau, this classic offering from Gallo will showcase the beautiful flavors and textures of the dish wonderfully. You can also serve these fideos in a soup or stew!

These fideos are a non-perishable product, so they will last for quite some time! Keep stored in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. Once you open it your bag of fideos, and if you have some left, make sure to keep them tightly sealed and store in a dry and cool place.

Gallo is a Spanish company founded in 1946, known for its high-quality pasta and food products. They offer a variety of pasta, sauces, rice, couscous, and ready-to-eat meals. With a focus on quality and innovation, Gallo has become a leading brand in Spain and internationally. They prioritize sustainability and responsible sourcing. Trusted for their flavorful products, Gallo continues to delight customers with their culinary expertise.

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