Gourmet Tinned Bonito Tuna

Discover the beauty of Bonito Tuna in Spain, a culinary delight that is celebrated for its annual migration. These majestic fish navigate the waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, drawn by the abundance of food sources and the instinct to spawn. The Bonito Tuna season captivates both fishermen and food enthusiasts, as its firm, succulent flesh delivers a rich, delicate flavor. Served raw in sashimi or as a star ingredient in traditional dishes, Bonito Tuna embodies the pinnacle of Spanish gastronomy. Today, we bring you the finest Bonito Tuna in the form of a tinned conserva. Experience the extraordinary flavors of the seas with Bonito Tuna—a true treasure from the coasts of Spain.

Despaña Recipe

Bonito Tuna Bocadillo

Filled with bonito tuna from Cantabria, and piquillo peppers and tomatoes from Navarra, it's simple, delicious and packed with nutrients.


Bonito Tuna Production

Every year in Asturias, Spain, a region on the Northern coast of the country, Agromar, a seafood brand located in Gijon, produces a treasured amount of bonito tuna conservas for the year to come. It's a beautifully artisanal process.

Sourced Locally

Bonito Tuna is purchased daily from the port when in season.

Cleaned by HAnd

Each loin of Bonito Tuna is cleaned and sorted by hand.

Packed in Style

Picked for size and quality, each tin is presented beautifully.

Tradition, Preserved

The flavors of Northern Spain.