DESPAÑA Morcilla
DESPAÑA Morcilla
DESPAÑA Morcilla
DESPAÑA Morcilla

DESPAÑA Morcilla

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Spanish morcilla, also known as blood sausage, is a unique Spanish delicacy made from pork blood, onions, and spices. It's one of the most special products that we manufacture. Morcilla has delicious, rich flavor and is a staple in many Spanish kitchens. It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: sliced, grilled or fried and with vegetables, eggs or rice and stews like Fabada Asturiana. 

  • Size: 7oz
  • Region: New York
  • Perishable - Expedited Shipping Recommended
    Expedited shipping required to areas outside of Tri-State zone. Refrigerate upon arrival.

Grill or fry the morcilla and serve it with roasted vegetables or scrambled eggs. You can also stuff peppers with it, add it to a rice or stews like Fabada Asturiana.

Natural skin casing and fully cooked product. Keep refrigerated. Consume within 45 days of purchase, or freeze for up to 6 months.

Pork, pork blood, onions, salt, paprika, sugar, parsley, nutmeg, cinnamon, sodium nitrate.

Morcilla is one of Despaña’s most unique products. It's our very own brand made here in New York City, and how we got our start! From our humble beginnings in 1971, Despaña started as a chorizo-meat manufacturing facility. Our cooking morcilla is perfect for any recipe calling for the special ingredient.  

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