FERMÍN Ibérico de Cebo Ham Pre-Sliced



World-class sliced jamón ibérico. What many consider the crown jewel of ibérico meats and Spanish gastronomy. Aged for up to 24 months, this product is truly special.

The pigs used for Fermín's jamón ibérico are the special breed of ibérico pig, indigenous to Spain. Raised in Spain and fed a diet of high-quality grain and acorns, these pigs produce a jamón that is ruby red in color, rich in flavor with beautiful marbling and buttery accents. 

    • Tasting Notes: Salty notes mingling with marbled fat that will feel rich, silky, and smooth.
    • Size: 2oz (57g)
    • Region: Castilla y León
    • Suggested Pairings: Marcona Almonds | Majorero Cheese

Dry Cured. Ready to Eat. All pork product. Imported from Spain.

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