AGROMAR Baby Squid In Ink



Chipirones rellenos en su tinta. These amazing baby squids in their own ink are straight from the coast of Asturias in the Atlantic ocean. They are preserved and ready for your consumption. We love placing them on toasted bread, in a rice dish or just eating them on their own! 

Only a limited amount of baby squid in ink are produced each season, ensuring that quality is never compromised. Each squid is handled delicately and cooked with great care. Once they are cooked, they are preserved in jar with their own ink, providing you with a wonderful seafood experience representing the delicious culture of food in Northern Spain.

This expertise results in high quality baby squid in ink ready for you to enjoy.

    • Tasting Notes: Firm texture with an intense and rich flavor provided by the ink.
    • Size: 255g (9oz)
    • Region: Asturias
    • Suggested Pairings: Bomba Rice

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