AGROMAR Anchovies in Olive Oil



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These delicious anchovies are fished off of the coast of Asturias in the cold Atlantic ocean. This part of Spain is incredibly famous for its world class seafood. These anchovies experience a special journey: after being fished, they are passed through the hands of female artisans who manually de-bone them and preserve them in salt. Following that, they are transferred to cure in cellars for 6 to 8 months. An elaborate process, for a beautifully simply product. 

There are many ways to enjoy anchovies. Eat them on their own after being covered in some EVOO, or lay them on toasted bread with tomato. Pop them into your favorite salads, or garnish a pasta or a sauce. These anchovies will elevate your meals, and we can't wait for you to try. 

    • Tasting Notes: Delicate and tender with a salty bite.
    • Size: 50g (2oz)
    • Region: Asturias
    • Suggested Pairings: La Catedral Peeled Tomatoes

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