El Cid Paella Pans

El Cid Paella Pans

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Paella is best when cooked in an authentic paella pan. An authentic paella pan is uniquely suited for the cooking process. The pan dips slightly in the middle and is dimpled so the oil pools in the center. This perfectly sautés the vegetables, meat, and sofrito before the rice is added. Additionally, the round, shallow shape ensures the rice cooks in a thin layer and maximizes the amount of rice touching the pan. The Valencians claim that the cooked rice should only be about 1/2" thick, or 'un ditet', meaning the width of one finger.

Stir-frys, potstickers, sautés, and more also work great in a paella pan. Plus, the handles are oven-proof, so you can stick the whole pan in the oven if you need to! Upon special request, more sizes (up to 100 cm/39.5 in) are available. Reach out to us at info@despanabrandfoods.com for details.

  • Size: Multiple Formats
  • Region: Valencia

Use this authentic paella pan to make your favorite rice dishes. Whether it's meat, vegetable or seafood paella, the El Cid pan is the perfect vessel to deliver a traditional preparation.

This pan is made of carbon steel. Before using, cure your carbon steel by bringing salt and water to a boil in the paella pan. To continue caring for your pan, be sure to dry it immediately after washing and then rub the inside with a little oil to prevent rusting.

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