Product photo of baby eel tinned fish by Cabo de Peñas.
Overhead of a tin of baby eels that is opened, alongside decorative garnishes of garlic and pepper.

CABO DE PEÑAS Surimi Baby Eels in Olive Oil

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Angulitos. These ‘baby eels’ are made with surimi, a fish (usually pollack) formed to create the shape of a baby eel. Although these aren’t real angulas, you get the best of both worlds; they are delicious and without the cost of real baby eels. Prepared in olive oil with red pepper flakes, they have some heat to them. We recommend draining the liquid and pouring fresh extra virgin olive oil over them to heat up before you serve. Delicious when enjoyed with a crisp glass of Rueda white wine.

  • Size: 111g
  • Region: Galicia

These baby eels pack a delicious amount of flavor and will transport you right to the sea. We like to heat up the the surimi baby eels in a pan for a few minutes in olive oil with a garnish of salt. Once you remove them from the pan, drizzle lemon and serve alongside toasted bread as a tapa. You can also add them to salad or pasta!

This is a non-perishable product, so it will last for for quite some time! Keep stored in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. Once you open it, and if you have some left, make sure to keep it tightly sealed and refrigerated.

Cabo de Peñas is a renowned Spanish brand specializing in high-quality canned seafood. With a commitment to traditional methods and exceptional ingredients, their products capture the flavors of the Galicia region, delivering a taste of the sea in every bite.

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