Jamondor Jamón Serrano, Boneless
Jamondor Jamón Serrano, Boneless

Jamondor Jamón Serrano, Boneless

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One of the most popular products in all of Spain, this boneless jamón serrano from Jamondor is full of flavor and extremely versatile. A true staple of the Mediterranean diet, this ham can be enjoyed all on its own slice by slice, or incorporated into some of your favorite Spanish dishes and snacks. 

This Jamondor ham is produced using traditional curing methods, and aged up to 18 months. From salting and washing, to settling and drying, this ham yields incredible flavor and quality. It’s salty and delicate with a beautiful aroma. 

Easy to slice and carve at home, this boneless jamón serrano is a wonderful addition to any Spanish foodie's pantry! 

  • Size: 10-12lb
  • Region: Valencia
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Thinly slice your jamón serrano to around the size that would fit onto your tongue in one bite. Neatly arrange your premium jamón serrano on a serving plate or charcuterie board. Its rich flavor deserves to be enjoyed on its own -- serve alongside picos artesanos or toasted bread with a touch of olive oil. You can also add it to an open face toast with grated tomato, garlic and olive oil.

Make sure to store your jamón in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Don't worry about keeping it in a fridge. Once you open your jamón to start carving it, ensure you tightly wrap it with plastic wrap and cover it with a cloth when you put it away (in the event you don't finish it.) Once your jamón is opened, it can typically last for around 1-2 months, but that will depend on how well it has been stored and preserved!

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Jamondor is a distinguished company from Valencia, Spain with a rich legacy specializing in the production of Serrano and Iberian hams, as well as an assortment of premium sausages. With a focus on quality and tradition, Jamondor deliver exquisite flavors and exceptional products to those looking to enjoy the best meats from Spain.

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