Montegrato Dry Red Wine Vinegar

Montegrato Dry Red Wine Vinegar

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A staple ingredient in Mediterranean cooking. Known for its delicious and distinctive tangy, sweet flavor, this vinegar is a wonderful addition to your Spanish pantry. We love it added to a dressing, sauces or sprinkled over vegetables. 

  • Size: 750ml
  • Region: Jerez, Andalucia

Spanish red wine vinegar, known for its robust flavor, is a versatile ingredient in Spanish cuisine. Use it to create vibrant salad dressings, add tanginess to tomato-based dishes, or infuse marinades. It's perfect for enhancing sauces and condiments. You can also reduce it to create glazes for roasted meats or drizzles for vegetables. Remember to use it in moderation, as its strong flavor can be overpowering.

Make sure to store your sherry vinegar in a cool and dark place. It's important to ensure that its temperature remains consistent. It's also best to limit your sherry vinegar's exposure to air, as that can cause oxidation and cause the oil to turn. With that being said, your sherry vinegar will last for a long time if cared for accordingly.

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