Marcos Jamón Ibérico-Cebo, Bone-In



This beautiful free-range ibérico ham from Marcos contains 50% of the ibérico breed of pig. An exceptional cross breed to obtain a mix of world-class flavors from Spain. The natural range of pork from Marcos is produced in Salamanca, Spain on their own mill and pastures and cured for many months through a strict control process. This fosters an exceptional end result. 

This ham is shiny with beautifully transparent fats that melt in your mouth, packed with rich and intense flavor. Its lean meat is marbled and glows with a magnetic cherry red color. The cured aroma of this bone-in ham will fill a room with wonderful and lasting flavors. 

Soft texture with lean and juicy cuts of meat with each slice. Carve with care, and enjoy all on its own or in your favorite jamón focused dishes and tapas. 

This ham ships for free. 

Size: 16-18lbs 

Region: Salamanca 

PairingsSheep's cheese | Spanish Olives | Tempranillo & Albariño Wine 

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