INÉS ROSALES Sweet Olive Oil Tortas with Cinnamon

INÉS ROSALES Sweet Olive Oil Tortas with Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is one of those spices that welcomes you in just with its aroma.
And so will these sweet tortas enhanced by natural cinnamon. They are a perfect
snack for any hour of the day, by itself, with coffee or tea as a dessert or
breakfast treat.
  • Size: 180g
  • Region: Andalucia

The options of serving Ines Rosales tortas are endless. You can enjoy them alongside a cup of tea or coffee, but they are also delicious to add savory foods to. Be it a soft cheese, sliced meats or a spreadable pate. In the case of this cinnamon torta, enjoying it alongside sweets from the region is delicious.

Store your Ines Rosales tortas in a cool and dry place to ensure freshness upon opening. Keep them out of direct sunlight. If you are closing your bag, make sure to seal it properly and keep its expiration date in mind!

Ines Rosales is a renowned Spanish brand celebrated for its traditional baked goods. With a rich history spanning several decades, Ines Rosales offers a delightful range of artisanal treats, including the famous "Olive Oil Tortas." These crispy, sweet and savory tortas have become a signature product of the brand, loved by consumers worldwide. Ines Rosales is committed to preserving its authentic recipes and using only the finest ingredients, ensuring exceptional taste and quality. The brand's dedication to craftsmanship and culinary heritage has made it a household name, cherished for its delicious and authentic Spanish baked goods.

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