Daveiga Olive Oil Crackers
Daveiga Olive Oil Crackers
Daveiga Olive Oil Crackers

Daveiga Olive Oil Crackers

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Straight from Galicia, these world-class crackers are known as the "Ship's Biscuits."

Bakers in Galicia would make this style of cracker for the sailors of the region to take to sea. Traditionally, they were created to contain less moisture to last for longer voyages, while still maintaining great flavor.聽

Today, they are still made in a similar fashion, but with a stronger emphasis on taste while maintaining their historic texture.聽

The result? A cracker that is good with everything.聽聽

  • Size: 200g
  • Region: Galicia

These crackers pair well with almost anything! You can eat them alone as a snack between meals. Add them to a charcuterie board to enjoy with ib茅rico meats or cheeses. For breakfast and tea with a jam spread. They are versatile and delicious.

Monitor the best by date on this product to ensure you get the freshest bites!

Wheat flour, butter, extra virgin olive oil, salt, yeast.

Daveiga is a storied brand from Galicia, Spain. They have been honoring tradition from their region through environmentally safe production of biscuits that represent the rich history of maritime culture from the region.

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