DANTZA Whole Piquillo Peppers (PDO)
DANTZA Whole Piquillo Peppers (PDO)

DANTZA Whole Piquillo Peppers (PDO)

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Delicious whole piquillo peppers.In a small and limited space around the town of Lodosa, Navarra, the finest piquillo peppers are cultivated under the requirements of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination.

The peppers are called "piquillo," meaning "beak," after their pointed shape. These peppers are whole and are ready to stuff or use in recipes. We also love to lightly grill them up in olive oil and then garnish with garlic and salt. These are not spicy-hot.

Product names registered as PDO are those that have the strongest links to the place in which they are made. It certifies a products' excellence, uniqueness and distinctiveness.

  • Size: 185g
  • Region: Navarra

Lay slices of these piquillo peppers out alongside a charcuterie board. Add them to a pintxo (bite sized piece of bread) with grilled Despa帽a Chorizo or morcilla. Mix them into a salad, pasta or garnish a rice dish with them. You can also stuff them with your favorite ingredients and bake them. SO many options.

This is a non-perishable product, so it will last for for quite some time! Keep stored in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. Once you open it, and if you have some left, make sure to keep it tightly sealed and refrigerated.

Piquillo peppers

Dantza is based in Navarra, Spain. Their goal is to offer healthy, organic and sustainable vegetable products to their customers. Their focus has always been vegetables, with a desire to offer them all year round to fully enjoy the health benefits that come with them. With a specialty in piquillo peppers and other prepared foods, their products are a wonderful representation of classic Spanish gastronomy.

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