Bonilla a la Vista Patatas Fritas - The 275g Tin



Bonilla a la Vista Patatas Fritas or potato chips are world famous for good reason. Carefully selected potatoes, top quality olive oil and sea salt are the perfect combination. They are a staple at bars around Spain, and have developed a cult following in the process. Add them to your kitchen to share at your next gathering, or keep them all for yourself! 

This 275g tin is both packed with a delicious amount of Bonilla a la Vista chips, but also a great collectors item to display at home--repurpose it when you're done, and show off your love for potato chips from Spain! 

Want to add something sweet alongside your savory tin of chips? Check out our exclusive chocolate bar offering from Bonilla a la Vista.

  • Size: 275g
  • Region: Galicia

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