AR DE ARTE Octopus Pate



"Pate de Pulpo." This all natural and gourmet pate featuring grilled octopus from Galicia is truly special. Produced with one of the most prized pieces of seafood from the region, this octopus is cooked with a base of tomato, onion and other spices to provide each pate with a delicious burst of flavor. The creaminess and texture of the pate is unparalleled.

Spread it on toast, picos or dip fried potatoes in it. An amazing piece to lay out for a seafood spread. 

Featuring artwork by Galician artist Fernando Rei Castiñeira.

Size: 90g

About Ar de Arte:

Galicia is known for some of the highest quality seafood in the world, but also for it rich cultural history of dance and art. That's why Ar de Arte set out to create a one of a kind tinned fish brand that combines the beauty that Galicia is known for; seafood and art.

Ar de Arte honors traditional fishing methods and works with small canneries throughout Galicia to ensure that each tin is produced by hand, one by one. To compliment each world-class tin of seafood is a unique piece of art that hails from Galicia. In the case of these tins, artwork is made by the talented Fernando Rei Castiñeira.

Each tin of fish is packed with amazing flavors from the region, but perhaps you'll get attached to your art and want to save your tins and display them in your home. At the very least, save the packaging.


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