Ahumado de Pría MINI
Ahumado de Pría MINI

Ahumado de Pría MINI

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First it’s pressed. Then it’s salt-brined. Then it rests for 2 months before being smoked. It's a delicious semi-firm cheese, with the flavor of smoke that permeates in the loveliest of ways. Pair with an earthy red. This mini format cheese comes in a small wheel. 

  • Size: 1lbs
  • Region: Asturias
  • Perishable - Select Expedited Shipping
    Expedited shipping required to areas outside of Tri-State zone. Refrigerate upon arrival.

Slice this cheese into thin slabs or into cubes. Serve alongside toasted bread or picos. The smoked flavors of the cheese pair delightfully. You can also add some olives alongside, cured chorizo and fresh fruit to compliment your tapas board.

Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep stored in fridge before and after consuming. Before enjoying your cheese, let it sit outside of cold storage for 30 minutes. If storing your cheese after consuming, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or cloth and place back it back in refrigeration.

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