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Free ground shipping on all orders over $200.00!

Despaña Chorizo

Joining Cultures Since 1971

Spanish Style Chorizo Proudly Made In New York

Following a family recipe from Northern Spain, we have been manufacturing our own brand of chorizo in New York since 1971.

We carefully select our pork meat cuts and import our spice blends from Spain to obtain authentic Spanish flavors. Despaña Chorizos can be enjoyed all over the USA thanks to our network of distributors and nationwide shipping!

What is Spanish Chorizo?

This typical Spanish sausage is often confused with other varieties of “chorizo” from Latin America. In fact, each chorizo recipe is unique and once you try Spanish style chorizo you will never forget its bold flavors.

Pork meat mixed with naturally smoked De la Vera paprika imported from Spain (a must), garlic powder and natural casing make our chorizo one of a kind. We brought this family recipe from Northern Spain in the early seventies, and ever since then we have taken pride in preparing every batch of Despaña Chorizo to delight food lovers from all cultures and backgrounds.

For many years, we have been servicing the palates of world class chefs in the foodservice industry. Today, we make our specialty meats available to home cooks, striving to build a bridge between two cultures.

Chorizo is very versatile, you can cook it in stews, rice or pasta. Channeling your inner Spaniard? Prepare unique ‘tapas’ with our chorizo and let your imagination guide you. Whichever way you choose, it will be a tasty success.

Are you looking to buy food service packs of chorizo for your restaurant or market, or just want to know where in your city you can purchase it?

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