1880 Turrón Torta Imperial
1880 Turrón Torta Imperial

1880 Turrón Torta Imperial

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Torta Turrón de Alicante. Supreme Quality. 1880 Turrón from Alicante follows a 300 year old artisanal recipe, using only the best Marcona almonds and orange blossom honey. Using the same classic recipe as the regular Alicante turrón, this is shaped into a round cake aka ‘torta’ and uses a touch of egg white and the thin wafer. Do not peel the soft light white cookie wafer; it is there to be eaten, and enjoyed! Many people think it is a paper film…but it isn’t.

  • Size: 200g
  • Region: Alicante

Recommended Pairings

The ultimate sweet treat for the holidays. Serve alongside other turrón and holiday sweets to liven up any special meal with family and friends!

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