Marcos Iberico de Cebo Pork Loin (Lomo)



Whole dry-cured Iberian loin (lomo) is made from the meat of free-range Ibérico pigs, a wonderfully unique breed. A slow curing process in the singular microclimate of the Sierra de Francia produces an extraordinary aroma, flavor and texture.

Lomo is classic element of Spanish charcuteries and gastronomy. Thinly slice the loin and plate each piece on your next charcuterie board. It pairs wonderfully with dry white wine and soft reds, along with many varieties of cheese. It's also amazing on a sandwich with olive oil. 

This product is made completely naturally and contains no gluten or lactose.

    • Tasting Notes: An elegant flavor of subdued spiciness with hints of smokiness.
    • Size: Approx. 1.35 - 1.65 lbs
    • Region: Salamanca
    • Suggested Pairings: Picos Camperos | Any Cheese of your Choice

Dry Cured. Ready to Eat. All pork product. Imported from Spain.

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