VIOLET CANDIES- Barcelona Gaudi
VIOLET CANDIES- Barcelona Gaudi

VIOLET CANDIES- Barcelona Gaudi

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Classic sweet gummy treats from Spain -- the perfect addition for the holiday season. Each tin is a collectible, featuring different artwork from iconic locations and monuments throughout Spain. Pick the one that's your favorite, or collect them all!

Add these tins to a holiday spread, pop them in a stocking or gift them to any friend with a sweet tooth (and a love for Spain.) 
  • Size: 150g
  • Region: Spain

These candies not only look beautiful on the outside, but taste delicious on the inside. They are a wonderful addition to a party spread. Pair alongside Bonilla potato chips and other sweets, or serve them alongside your next cocktail spread. A classic addition in Spain.

This is a non-perishable product, so it will last for for quite some time! Keep stored in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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