DON BOCARTE Cantabrian Anchovies

Size: 48g


World-class Cantabrian anchovies from Don Bocarte located in Santoña, Spain. Picked individually for size and uniformity, these premium anchovies are packed in sea salt for a minimum of 8 months before being packed by hand and preserved in delicious extra virgin olive oil by Masia el Altet. Each anchovy is cleaned one by one in an effort to ensure a very strict quality control process. These anchovies are delicate, meaty and creamy and filled with rich and tender flavor. They melt in your mouth. 

A unique sign of their quality is that they must be kept refrigerated due to them being preserved in olive oil rather than salt, like most shelf stable anchovies. 

  • Tasting Notes: Meaty texture, complex rich creamy flavors of the sea without being fishy.
  • Size: 48g | 198g | 550g
  • Region: Cantabria
  • Suggested Pairings: Slices of Tomato and Masia el Altet Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About Don Bocarte Anchovies 

    Before these delicious Cantabrian anchovies can even be preserved, there are many steps to account for in advance. First, the anchovies must be preserved in vats of salt bins to cure them to absolute perfection–extracting the moisture from within to provide them with a delightful texture. Once they are removed from these bins of salt, each individual anchovy is deboned and cleaned by hand. One by one. This rigorous cleaning process ensures that each individual anchovy meets the quality standards of Don Bocarte and stays consistent from tin to tin. 

    Once the anchovies are ready to be canned, they are packed uniformly into each tin to be presented beautifully. They are then preserved in premium extra virgin olive oil, rather than salt, to enhance their flavor profile out of the tin. This is a truly unique sign of quality, as these Cantabrian anchovies must be kept within refrigeration and become more delicate 

    The result? A deliciously tender and meaty anchovy that’s smooth in texture and rich in flavor. We can assure you you have never had a tinned anchovy quite like this. The same quality standards Don Bocarte presents for their anchovies, they do for the rest of their tinned fish. 

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