Queso Mahón Wedge
Queso Mahón Wedge

Queso Mahón Wedge

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Haven't you always dreamed of going to the island of Menorca in Spain? Swim in the blue sea, drink delicious wine and eat queso Mahón...which is made directly on the island. The cheese is actually named after the port of Mahon. If you can't make it to Menorca, this wedge of Mahón might be the next best thing. Discover the island's beautiful flavors through this wedge. 

This cheese is relatively soft, with sweet and fruity aromas. The cheese itself is stronger, with a somewhat spicy and salty flavor--representative of the sea it is produced next to. 

It can be served in cubes or sliced vertically into thinner triangles. It is strong in flavor, but pairs beautifully with a red wine like Rioja and savory chorizo. We serve it up on our "picante bocadillo" featured within our cafe menu.  We also love to serve it drizzled in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, and doused lightly with black pepper. Place it directly onto a piece of crispy bread, or enjoy it all on its own. 

  • Size: 250g
  • Region: Menorca
  • Perishable
    Expedited shipping recommended to areas outside of Tri-State zone. Refrigerate upon arrival.

There are many great ways to serve your Mahón cheese. First, ensure it is at room temperature. You can then add it to a cheese platter (cutting it in triangles vertically along the brine) paired alongside picos artesanos or crusty bread. You can also add your sliced mahón cheese to tapa dishes or bocadillos. We love to pair it alongside grilled Despaña Traditional Chorizo. Don't forget to add a nice Spanish wine to your spread!

Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep stored in fridge before and after consuming. Before enjoying your cheese, let it sit outside of cold storage for 30 minutes. If storing your cheese after consuming, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or cloth and place back it back in refrigeration.

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