"Paraíso Natural"

Imagine yourself standing on a windswept cliff, the salty spray tingling your face as the Cantabrian Sea crashes against the rugged Asturian coastline. Lush green mountains, the Picos de Europa National Park as their crown, sprawl endlessly behind you. This is Asturias, a land where nature reigns supreme.

Asturias boasts a rich and fascinating history. A cradle of the Reconquista, the centuries-long fight to reclaim Spain from Moorish rule, it's no wonder tales of knights and chivalry linger in the air. Explore the ancient city of Oviedo, where the imposing Catedral Metropolitana stands as a testament to Asturias' role in Spanish history. Or delve deeper into the past at the Tito Bustillo cave, adorned with prehistoric paintings that whisper secrets from a bygone era.

Festivities in Asturias are a vibrant explosion of color and sound. Join the locals during the colorful Descenso del Sella, a thrilling canoe race down the Sella River, or immerse yourself in the boisterous celebrations of Asturias Day, a region-wide party filled with traditional music and dance.

Food in Asturias is a celebration of fresh, local ingredients. Start your day with a comforting bowl of fabada asturiana, a hearty bean stew that warms the soul, or savory a plate of cachopo, a breaded and fried veal dish that's a testament to Asturian ingenuity. Don't miss the region's world-famous cheeses, like Cabrales, matured in natural caves and boasting a pungent aroma and complex flavor. And to wash it all down? A glass of local sidra, a slightly sparkling apple cider poured from a great height in a traditional ceremony.

Asturian cuisine is more than just food; it's a way of life. Meals are leisurely affairs, meant to be savored with friends and family. Local ingredients, prepared with time and care, create dishes that are both simple and incredibly flavorful. So, come explore Asturias, a land where breathtaking beauty, rich history, and a deep love for good food will leave you wanting to come back for seconds.

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Where the mountains meet the sea, this region is flourishing with a stunning variety of seafood and other gastronomic delicacies.