Gourmet Tinned Mussels

Welcome to the world of gourmet tinned mussels from Spain. Hailing from the cold waters of Galicia, mussels, or mejillones, are a seafood treasure consumed throughout Spain. Spanish mussels are carefully packed and retain their quality from the second they enter their tin. bringing you both a flavorful and nutritional gastronomic experience. Tinned mussels are versatile in the kitchen, allowing you to enjoy them in endless ways.

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Galicia, Spain is home to most of the mussel production in Spain. Harvested on "bateas," a sustainable and traditional practice to produce mussels, the brands we work with are dedicated to sourcing the best product for you to enjoy. The result is a premium tinned mussel that is fresh, authentic and the work of a community dedicated to producing the product.

Anna Hezel Recipe

Deviled Eggs With Pickled mussels

Elevate your deviled eggs with the addition of tinned mussels in escabeche. Another layer of umami flavor is unlocked with this one of a kind recipe.