A week-long spectacle that happens once a year.

Close your eyes and imagine a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and smells. The rhythmic strum of flamenco guitars, the march of horse carriages, and the excited cheers of crowds. Dazzling flamenco dances within rows of elaborately decorated "casetas" (tents), their colorful fabrics a stark contrast to a beautiful blue Sevilla sky. This is the Feria de Sevilla, an annual celebration that explodes with vibrant energy and, of course, incredible Spanish food!

What is feria?

Dating back to the 19th century, the Feria de Sevilla has become a week-long fiesta that embodies the very essence of Andalucian culture. But beyond the dazzling outfits and foot-stomping Sevillanas dancing, lies an incredible culinary adventure. Each caseta transforms into a mini food festival, offering attendees delicious traditional bites from the region for each meal of the day.

Step inside a caseta, and the first thing that might greet you is a visual feast. Platters of tapas, delicious small plates of Spanish food, are the stars of the show. Imagine a glistening plate of jamón ibérico de bellota. A true delicacy from the region and of the gems of Spanish gastronomy as a whole.

But tapas are all about variety. A cultural style of eating that is meant to be shared amongst family and friends. Alongside jamón, you will find vibrant ensaladilla rusa, a Spanish twist on a potato salad. Featuring ingredients like peas, carrots, tuna or shrimp.

Get the recipe:
Despaña's Ensaladilla

A classic dish found throughout Spain.

No Spanish celebration is complete without a slice of tortilla de patatas. This seemingly simple dish is infused with the rich flavors of olive oil-y potatoes, onions and eggs. It's a staple at most tables during the Feria de Sevilla.

The Feria is a sensory experience unlike any other. It's a celebration of joy, culture and, of course, incredible food. At Despaña, we take great pride in providing you with the iconic flavors of that can be found in Sevilla during the Feria. With that, pop on some flamenco music, gather your friends and embark on a culinary adventure to. the heart of one of Spain's most electrifying fiestas.