The Turrón Collection Box



The holidays are right around the corner, and what better gift to celebrate with than a collection of our favorite turrón from Spain?! This gift box is comprised of some of the most classic offerings from two storied Spanish brands: 1880 and El Lobo. Within, you'll find a tastefully curated medley of turrón and holiday sweets--perfect for any close friend or family member...or yourself! 

Each gift box comes with: 

  • 1880 Mazapanes 
  • 1880 Turrón Almond and Caramel Guirlache 
  • 1880 Turrón Premium Crunchy Chocolate 
  • El Lobo Turrón Jijona 
  • El Lobo Turrón Alicante 

Our stock is limited of each turrón. In the event that one sells out, we will do our best to replace it with another option similar to ensure you still have something sweet and festive coming your way! 

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