Michael Motamedi's FISH PAPI Pack
Michael Motamedi's FISH PAPI Pack

Michael Motamedi's FISH PAPI Pack

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The FISH PAPI pack features three of Michael Motamedi's favorite tinned fish offerings from La Curiosa. Within each pack is:

  • La Curiosa Spicy Mussels
  • La Curiosa Tunabelly Fillets in Pesto
  • La Curiosa Small Sardines in Olive Oil with Padron Pepper

A bit about Michael:

Michael Motamedi is traveling the world and AI is calling all of the shots. His most recent pit stop? Barcelona. A city packed with rich history, culture and gastronomy.

Michael knew that Barcelona, Spain was home to some of the best tinned fish in the WORLD. A bustling city packed with a rich variety of specialty stores, all sourcing the finest tinned fish the country has to offer. With that, there was no better way to spend each of his 30 days in the city trying a new tinned fish offering each day! 

Despaña is excited to be along for the ride. Explore the FISH PAPI pack to try out three of Michael's favorite tinned fish offerings he has tried on his travels from La Curiosa. 

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Orders of tinned fish $75.00 or more qualify for Free Shipping. 

  • Size: 1.5lbs
  • Region: Spain

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