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Cabo de Peñas is tinning some of the most amazing seafood in the world. Based in Galica in Northwest Spain, their access to fresh and sustainable marine life is unparalleled. From mussels in escabeche and small sardines, to razor clams and pulpo, their variety of conservas will let you explore the full range of amazing seafood the region of Galicia has to offer.   

This exclusive Cabo de Peñas gift set includes 6 different tins of some of our favorite conservas. A beautiful variety to stock your own pantry, or gift to a tin fish loving friend. 

Within, you'll find:

  • Mussels
  • Baby Eel with Garlic
  • Small Sardines in Hot Sauce
  • Octopus in Olive Oil
  • Small Sardines in Olive Oil
  • Razor Clams

Conservas are so versatile, and can be prepared and served in many different ways. While popping open a tin and laying it out next to some toasted bread and other meats and cheeses is always a great idea, there is so much one can do with these conservas in every day recipes. 

Check out Chris McDade's newest cookbook - "The Magic of Tinned Fish" to see how conservas like these can be incorporated into some delicious home cooked meals. 

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