Zamorano Cheese - Spanish Sheep's Milk Cheese



A delicious sheep's milk cheese from the region of Castilla y Le贸n. It's similar to a Manchego,聽 but a bit nuttier overall.聽It's a聽hard聽 cheese that has a grassy flavor with a sumptuous grainy texture, while also packing a deliciously gamey flavor with a hint of piquancy.聽

It pairs amazingly with crisp white wines and soft reds. We also love it sliced and served alongside jam贸n ib茅rico and membrillo. A cheese that's perfect for any occasion. It represents some of the finest gastronomy Spain offers.聽聽

    • Size: Approximately 0.75lbs
    • Milk Type: Sheep (raw)
    • Months Aged: 12
    • Region: Castilla y Le贸n
    • Suggested Pairings: Fermin Jam贸n Iber铆co | Membrillo Natural El Quijote

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