Güeyumar Chargrilled Razor Clams
Güeyumar Chargrilled Razor Clams

Güeyumar Chargrilled Razor Clams

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"Navajas a la Brasa" - Razor clams hand-fished to avoid sand and long-lasting purification. Rubbed with birch, beech and oak wood and canned in extra virgin olive oil Arberquino from Castillo de Canena.
  • Size: 150g
  • Region: Asturias

These delicious and delicate wood-fired razor clams are one of a kind. We love to enjoy them straight from the tin -- you can plate them in a line and garnish them in olive oil, salt and lemon. You can also mix them into a pasta dish or salad.

This is a non-perishable product, so it will last for for quite some time! Keep stored in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. Once you open it, and if you have some left, make sure to keep it tightly sealed and refrigerated.

Razor clams, olive oil

Güeyu Mar chargrilled conservas are some of the most premium & exclusive in Spain. Hailing from Asturias, these limited tins are the first of their kind in the American market. Using the finest seafood from the north of Spain and then chargrilling them, they are then canned through a complex and painstaking process. From the search for the most premium marine treasures, to the precise craft of chargrilling them to obtain a heavenly texture and flavor, Gueyumar tinned fish will completely alter your perception of what canned food can be. 

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