DESPAÑA Chorizo Vela
DESPAÑA Chorizo Vela
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This is a mild dry-cured chorizo sausage, and available in both mild and spicy varieties. Made with all natural pork meat, this chorizo is seasoned with a higher concentration of sweet Pimentón de la Vera from Extremadura, giving the pork and fat content an even more intense smoky flavor. Ready to eat.

  • Size: 16oz
  • Region: New York
  • Perishable - Expedited Shipping Recommended
    Expedited shipping required to areas outside of Tri-State zone. Refrigerate upon arrival.

Your next charcuterie board is ready. Slice this chorizo vela thin and add it to your tapas spread OR toss it into tasty sandwich. Remove from refrigeration 30 minutes before serving to bring to room temperature.

Fully cooked. All pork product with natural sheep casing. Keep refrigerated. Proudly made in the USA. 45 day shelf life. Freeze for up to 6 months.

Pork Meat, Pork Fat, Water, Salt, Paprika, nutmeg, sodium nitrate, oregano.

Chorizo is not only one of Despaña’s best-selling products, but it's our very own brand made here in New York City, and how we got our start! From our humble beginnings in 1971, Despaña started as a chorizo-meat manufacturing facility. Our cooking chorizo is perfect for any recipe calling for sausage.

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