Quescrem Regular Cream Cheese - Lactose Free

Quescrem Regular Cream Cheese - Lactose Free

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Straight from the town of Lugo in Galicia, Spain, this delicious lactose free cream cheese (or "queso de crema") is made from buttermilk and cow's milk from the region. It's very mild, creamy and a breeze to spread on your favorite foods (we're looking at you, bagels.) 

This cream cheese is packed with the rich dairy from Northwest Spain and is a wonderful essential to add to a variety of recipes and is tailored to those who are lactose intolerant or have digestive problems.

It's easy to spread, melt, emulsify and very stable after baking. These unique characteristics make it a wonderful application to snacks, sauces, mousses, ice creams and cakes...specifically cheesecakes! 

Size: 200g

Region: Galicia

Suggested Pairings: Bagels, toasted pintxos and tapas, cakes, sauces and mousses. 

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