Mah贸n Curado Artesano

Mah贸n Curado Artesano

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From the island of Menorca, this cheese is more developed than its younger version. With a firm paste that turns creamy on the palate, it has a buttery almost caramel flavor and is slightly salty. It is also rubbed with olive oil and paprika giving it a similar flavor to cheddar but slightly more piquant.

  • Size: 1.35lbs
  • Region: Menorca
  • Perishable
    Expedited shipping recommended to areas outside of Tri-State zone. Refrigerate upon arrival.

There are many great ways to serve your Mah贸n cheese. First, ensure it is at room temperature. You can then add it to a cheese platter (cutting it into longer slices or cubes) paired alongside picos artesanos or crusty bread. You can also add your sliced mah贸n cheese to tapa dishes or bocadillos. We love to pair it alongside grilled Despa帽a Traditional Chorizo. Don't forget to add a nice Spanish wine to your spread!

Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep stored in fridge before and after consuming. Before enjoying your cheese, let it sit outside of cold storage for 30 minutes. If storing your cheese after consuming, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or cloth and place back it back in refrigeration.

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