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Washed rind with Montseny beer. Smooth and pleasant flavors that聽give off yeasty aromas and taste. It has a very distinct taste and a creamier texture once its dense and washed rind is broken open.聽

  • Size: 0.7lbs
  • Region: Catalu帽a
  • Perishable
    Expedited shipping recommended to areas outside of Tri-State zone. Refrigerate upon arrival.

This hard cheese with a beer brine is truly distinct in flavor. Slice it into cubes and enjoy a cold beer alongside of it -- the flavors of the brine and beverage pair great. Add it to a cheese platter along a variety of other Spanish cheeses to compare. You can also crumble it or melt it into your favorite dishes.

Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep stored in fridge before and after consuming. Before enjoying your cheese, let it sit outside of cold storage for 30 minutes. If storing your cheese after consuming, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or cloth and place back it back in refrigeration.

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