Quescrem Cream Cheese with Goat Cheese

Quescrem Cream Cheese with Goat Cheese

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Straight from the town of Lugo in Galicia, Spain, this delicious cream cheese with goat cheese log (or "queso de crema con rulo de cabra") is made from buttermilk, cow's milk, cream and goat's milk from the region.

It's very mild, creamy and a breeze to spread on your favorite foods. It has the traditional taste of a goat cheese log, but without any artificial flavoring. It's a joy to cook with, and using it will open up a lovely variety of culinary avenues.  

It's easy to spread, melt, emulsify and very stable after baking. These unique characteristics make it a wonderful application to snacks, sauces, fillings and foams. Perfect for any chef -- be it at home, or in a restaurant! 

  • Size: 500g
  • Region: Galicia
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A deliciously versatile goat cheese spread. It's perfect to serve alongside toasted bread, picos or any form of sandwich! You can also easily melt this cheese and emulsify it for any baking needs as desired. We love it on a bagel or a filling within a pintxo.

Refrigerate your Quescrem cheese upon arrival. Keep stored in fridge before and after consuming. Be mindful of expiration date to ensure use by best date!

Goat's milk, salt, stabilizers (carrageenan and locust bean gum), preservative (sorbic acid) and lactic ferments.

Quescrem is a respected Spanish company specializing in premium cheese products. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, Quescrem offers a wide range of high-quality cheese varieties, including cream cheese and cheese spreads. The brand's commitment to excellence and innovation has made it a trusted name in the cheese industry, both in Spain and abroad. Known for their exceptional taste and texture, Quescrem cheeses have become a favorite among consumers and culinary professionals alike.

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