How to Make: 

The Picante Bocadillo 

The Picante Bocadillo is one of the most beloved chorizo sandwiches in our SoHo market. Take home the ingredients to make our most iconic Despaña cafe menu item, featuring our famous Despaña Chorizo.

What you'll need:
-Rustic Bread

How to prepare:

Simply cross slice some chorizo and heat it up on the stove. Then, build your bocadillo with a base spread of aioli, sliced guindilla peppers and sliced tomato. Follow that up with slices of mahón cheese and the cooked chorizo. Toast it (always recommended), or eat it fresh. You're gonna love it.

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Max Rosenberg

Max Rosenberg

Definitely my favorite sandwich at their SoHo cafe! I’ve made variations of this at home with the chorizo. I will plan on making this!

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